About Me

Lead Integrator is a memorial to the original developers of Jitterbit. They sped up my learning. Today I follow a successful design best practice after many opportunities to experiment.

In the ten years I’ve used Jitterbit (v3.5 was my first version), I affected change in the product via support and professional service positions. All while watching it grow into an enterprise cloud-based platform.

There’s still plenty of room for improvement, but the foundational shortlist of design patterns allows lots of flexibility. Sometimes this flexibility can produce brittle designs challenging to support and enhance. Don’t let this happen to your implementations. I hope you can glean some concepts, methods, and ideas from the growing number of posts to come. I have a long list of post topics and happy to read your comments and requests.

I’ve worked a long list of mixed endpoints (RDBMS-, SOAP- and REST-based) in various real-time, queued, and scheduled operations. I hope my thoughts can improve your results and meet your data integration goals.

Finally, as I write this, there are some 4.5 billion people online. We’re still in the early days of the Internet. Most people, myself included, have not yet internalized the full significance of this. There are opportunities for every niche interest you can imagine. Jitterbit is my interest.

About Me

We believe that every data Integrator can produce robust Jitterbit integrations. Whether you're new, experienced with or invested in Jitterbit, we can teach how to create operative data pipelines. Here you'll find scalable productivity multipliers, best-practice ideas, DIY concepts, and testing methods.